In addition to the basic functions of light transmission and thermal insulation, noise-insulating multiple glass units also offer excellent protection against external sounds. These glass units accommodate different thicknesses of glass sheets and different widths of separating frames. 

It is recommended that the background noise level in residential areas does not exceed 40 - 45 dB, when the average street background noise level is 60 - 80 dB. When installing standard glass units in premises, it is possible to perceptibly reduce the noise level by replacing one standard (4 mm) sheet of glass with a thicker (6 - 10 mm) one. This makes the glass unit heavier, but can increase its sound insulation index (Rw) up to 38 dB (4-16Ar-10). Even better sound insulation is achieved by installing different widths of separating frames and thicknesses of glass sheets in the two-chamber glass units. To reduce noise, the glass is also coated with a special dispersion coating that scatters rather than reflects sound waves.