Solar Control Glass

Glass units with solar control coating effectively reduce the amount of solar energy entering the premise by using tinted glass. This type of glass units is ideal for a wide range of buildings and spaces where it is not possible to control the amount of heat input. 

Tinted glass is effective in capturing solar energy - from 34% to 68% depending on the shade and the intensity of the tint. Tinted glass attracts a lot of solar energy and can get very hot. To reduce the risk of heating and breakage, tinted glass can be additionally coated with a reflective coating. Such coating can reflect from 20% to 40% of solar energy. Transparent glass may also be coated with such a coating. However, these methods not only reduce solar gain, but also the light, so additional light sources may be needed indoors.

New generation glass with solar control coating can be both tinted and transparent. It is coated with a special coating that reflects the sun's infrared rays, blocking the sun's heat energy but transmitting light like clear glass.

Parameters of Medalpas insulated glass units: 

Size: minimum 190x400 mm, maximum 2700x4800 mm

Weight: up to 120 kg/linear metre 

Thickness: minimum 12 mm, maximum 52 mm 

Thickness of the spacer in the glass unit: minimum 6 mm, maximum 24 mm

Thickness of glass: minimum 3 mm, maximum 10 mm

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