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UAB Medalpas produces the highest quality, customized glass units for individual and wholesale needs. Taking into account the purpose of the building or space, the environment and other factors, we help you choose and then manufacture modern and reliable glass units. 

Parameters of Medalpas insulated glass units: 

Size: minimum 190x400 mm, maximum 2700x4800 mm

Weight: up to 120 kg/linear metre 

Thickness: minimum 12 mm, maximum 52 mm 

Thickness of the spacer in the glass unit: minimum 6 mm, maximum 24 mm

Thickness of glass: minimum 3 mm, maximum 10 mm

About insulated Glass Units

Glass unit - an airtight structure consisting of two or three panes of glass joined together, leaving a gap of a certain size between them. A separating frame is hermetically fixed along the entire edge of the glass unit.

Single-chamber unit - a unit in which two panes of glass are combined to form a single gap. In a two-chamber unit, three panes of glass are combined in an airtight structure through separating frames. Each additional chamber affects sound and thermal insulation properties of the glass unit.

The sound and thermal insulation properties, light transmission and overall aesthetic appearance of a insulated glass unit depend on the design. The thicknesses of glass determines the sound insulation indicators, and the thermal characteristics of the glass determine the thermal conductivity of the whole glass unit. Thermal and sound insulation also depend on the number of chambers.