Standard Glass Units

Standard glass units are made of transparent polished float glass sheets and can be single or double-chambered. This type of glass units are best suited to rooms with low thermal and sound insulation requirements. Standard glass units should be used for windows opening onto an already glassed-in balcony, veranda or other space. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of standard glass units (Uf) can reach 1.7-2.9 W/m²K. 

Optimum air gap in standard single chamber glass units is 16 mm. If the air gap is reduced, direct heat transfer increases; if it is increased, convective heat transfer takes place. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of a single chamber 4-16-4 glass unit (Uf) can reach 2.7 W/m²K. 

Standard double-chamber units on average have one and a half times better thermal resistance than single chamber units. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of a double-chamber 4-12-4-12-4 glass unit (Uf) can reach 1.9 W/m²K.

Parameters of Medalpas insulated glass units: 

Size: minimum 190x400 mm, maximum 2700x4800 mm

Weight: up to 120 kg/linear metre 

Thickness: minimum 12 mm, maximum 52 mm 

Thickness of the spacer in the glass unit: minimum 6 mm, maximum 24 mm

Thickness of glass: minimum 3 mm, maximum 10 mm

Other Insulated Glass Units